This I Believe

William - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

You know that when your hanging out with your friends and they start teasing some one because there different. This I believe that everybody is created equal and that nobody is different no matter how different what there culture is and what color there skin is or what language they speak or how smart they are. I believe that we are all different and because of these differences that’s what makes us who we are right now. If you can imagine a world when every body has the same voice the same face and the same language. If this were the case then the world would be extremely boring and we probably wouldn’t have all of the things we have right now, since everybody has the same thoughts we would have the same ideas and there would not be very many new inventions.

Many people think that when just because your different they cant fit in or be your friend, this is not true just because there different doesn’t mean that there good people. Just look at Thomas Jefferson every body thought that he was weird because he asked too many questions but look at how he turned out he used electricity to make the light bulb.

Like I said before many people think that if somebody’s different they have to tease them or not be there friend, just put yourself in there shoes and see how you would like it if someone was teasing you just because your shy or something, who knows maybe there really smart and might create something that could help us all and change the world for ever. My point is that you really have no right to judge people for what they are nobody has that power to judge. And if you’ve been made fun of sometime in your and you have a hard time forgiving that person or getting over what they said just don’t worry about it because who cares what they think as long as your happy with your self than that is all that matters.

And if you have a hard time forgiving that person than just let it go and get on with your life because the person that did that to you probably doesn’t even care and he just moved on with there life and if they feel that bad about what they did to you and they say there sorry than you should just forgive them and move on because there is no sense in thinking about the pass. And remember that everybody is exactly the same.