This I Believe

Daimen - 84032, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Daimen D

This I Believe……..

Are you ever frustrated? I believe that every one should be able to get away from there frustrations. I like to go hunting when I am frustrated. Just being in the mountains helps me forget about my frustrations. Not even hunting just fishing or hiking and stuff like that. I think and believe every one should have a way to get away from work, school, and some times even people, and things that frustrate you. And some times I can’t go hunt so I try to find something else to do like when football season is here. I like to practice and go to the games and tackle someone as hard as I can and take my frustrations out on them. It probably sucks for the kid I am tackling but I get rid of my frustrations. Then If I can’t play football or go hunting or be in the mountains. I try to find something that I am good at and can do alone so that I won’t get more frustrated. I like to play my guitar, or draw, and maybe build something.

I remember when I was hunting deer and elk I was sitting by a little pine tree by my self with my bow in my hand. I could smell the pine tree and herd the birds chirp and an elk bugle off to a distance. I could taste the snickers candy bar that I had just eaten. I thought how nice it was to get away from work, school, and my brothers for a while, and all of my frustrations. By the way I did shoot a 2 point buck with my bow that year but didn’t get an elk.

I believe every one should play a sport or be in the outdoors or other things that get them away from your frustrations.