This I Believe

Hayley - Midway, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

This Enjoying What Life Gives Us

Have you ever asked someone if the glass is half-empty or half full? If they say half full then they are optimistic about life and enjoying the way they are living it. Then, on the other hand, if they say half empty it shows that they aren’t happy and haven’t been enjoying life lately. I think it’s amazing how people think about life. One day they love it, the next they hate every moment of it. Enjoying life is like a present that you can accept or deny. You can appreciate it or hate it. Either way, it still affects the people that are around you.

Not enjoying life would be like a world with no chocolate. Everyone loves it and with out it, it wouldn’t make life more enjoyable. The little things in life matter. You don’t want to miss a moment of life. It goes by too quickly not to enjoy it. Keep the ones you love close to your heart and never let them go, no matter how old you get. You will never know what new things can bring in the long run. You should love life and all the people that surround you in it. Don’t say something you know you’re going to regret and have it end up hurting you the end.

Enjoy every minute, second and moment in your life forever. My dad asked me a question one day and said, “Why do bad things always happen to good people?” He was referring to my oma (grandma in Dutch). He made me think about this question and inspired me to write about her today. I don’t think it’s fair to think that at any moment everything you love can disappear at any moment of life. My oma has had breast cancer and has beaten it. And, then now that it’s over, she has been living her life as if it never happened. However, now we think she has bone cancer and we are all scared for her. The first time she found out about her maybe having bone cancer, she failed to tell the family what was wrong. She keeps trying to hide the fact that she’s sick. However, its not letting her down, she is the happiest person I know in the world. She is still enjoying every last moment of her life she has left and living it to the fullest. She’s great and happy that’s all that matters.

Life would be boring and depressing if nobody was full of life and happy or exciting. These little things matter to me and my family, and probably a bunch of other people in the world, too. One of my favorite quotes that one of my good friends told me was, “It’s not the situations that life gives us, but the way we accept the situations that affect the way we see our lives.” I will always remember this quote, it reminds me of what I have and who I never want to let go. I believe in enjoying life and living it to the fullest. This I believe.