This I Believe

Greysen - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

I Believe In World Peace

I believe that everyone should respect and be kind to one another, Help people don’t fight. Come together do anything it takes to help somebody, and to keep the little things there. Like complement people on anything make they’re day better. Give out hugs they’re free. How hard is it really, do be kind and keep violence out of this world? No borders no nations, everyone should work together to make one big peaceful society. Share the shelter, clothing, food, water, and warmth.

You can fight but only against war, and violence. I believe this because it scares me to know what is going on in this world. With the rape and murder, War terrorism it really makes me sick in every way possible. All of these people who made any difference with peace were drug users or they were unheard because of the color of they’re skin. Like John Lennon made a big difference by writing great meaningful music. He made people think about what they’re doing. But he was twisted on drugs which made people think twice about who they were listening to. Malcolm X did a lot for the community- The black race. He was respectful he didn’t show off drugs or anything like that. He just didn’t get listened to as much because he was black; He had great things to say. People say he only did it for the black people. I think otherwise because the words he spoke were incredibly meaningful.

I say the only peace maker who was properly listened to was Abe Lincoln, and that’s because he was the president of the United States. And what happened to him, He got shot in the head. A Peaceful man got killed during an act of peace. But then again all of the people today are slowly making a difference. People who stand up for what they believe in, in a non-violent way. Like Gandhi he did wonders for India with out hurting anybody. He prevented a civil war with a big guilt trip. The different religions in India were fighting over they’re differences, and Gandhi refused to eat until they stopped what they were doing. Gandhi means the world to me I wish I could accomplish half of what he has. I bought the movie, read many books and did research on him; I’m blown away by everything he did in his life. World Peace that is my This I Believe Report. And I hope people who read this report think twice about what they’re doing. How the littlest thing can hurt some ones life/ Feeling.