This I Believe

Michael - Dallas, Texas
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: humanism

I believe in Passion.

I believe it is the most interesting part of being human. It affects me most of my waking moments. I have always cared – a lot and in my heart – about things I do or think. Passion is what drives my thoughts and what I want to do.

I am passionate about:

• Justice in our society – I ache when I learn about something that is not right. I am saddened by those who divide and promote us vs. them. This is why I like to do volunteer work to hopefully make a difference in another person’s life. As any one of us improves and has fair opportunity, we are all better.

• Health – I scrutinize the food I put in my body, I push myself hard when I ride my bike, I try to find quiet, serene time to nourish my soul….

• Our Environment – no matter one’s view on climate change, it is important to responsibly care for the planet from simple reuse/recycling at home to protecting our air and water from industrial waste….we must be passionate about our collective “home.”

• Learning – I will never learn enough because of my insatiable passion for understanding why and how; it sometimes drives my wife nuts, but I am just plain curious by nature.

• Relationships – the greatest home of all for passion! Passion is the essential fuel for human relationships. Passion is what keeps relationships strong, growing, interesting.

• Life – what a blessing this human life of ours!

I believe our greatest leaders are very passionate. Those I have always admired were certainly passionate. Passion is needed to rally people to a cause, to motivate action and to accomplish remarkable feats. I feel sure that Sir Isaac Newton, Neil Armstrong, Leonardo daVinci, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela and others were very passionate. I may never be famous like them, but I do hope my passions can lead me to contribute something of value to those I love and to our world, at least on a small scale.

I hope my passion rubs off on my kids so that they will go curiously into the world to learn, grow and contribute. To me, that’s living life! I believe they will live a more purposeful life if they have some element of passionate curiosity. Plus, they can be the ones to bug their mother in the future!

Finally, today, I believe in passion more than ever because it is the day we memorialize my Dad who just died. He taught me passion; he showed me passion the way he lived. The passion of my Dad’s life is washing over these days as I reflect on the decades of knowing him and all that he meant to me…and still means to me. His passion made him great in so many ways

I believe in passion and will passionately pass it on!