This I Believe

Rhea - Hillsborough, California
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Books and Music are an Imagination

In the summer going into first grade, I decided I needed to learn how to read. Books have always been a part of my life. Now, looking back, I wonder what it was like not to read. I wonder how frustrating it would be to see these symbols everywhere, knowing they mean something. Knowing that there are worlds that you could explore, though you don’t know what they mean. Without books, there is no one to rely on. Every character in every book is a new friend. Every setting described in black ink is a new place to explore. Every action and decision that is made on the pure white pages gives a new way of looking at the world. I never know what is going to happen. It takes everything off my mind, and pulls me in with suspense.

In second grade, there was a poem we had to memorize each week. On Friday, everyone would present the poem to the class. Though most people would think of this as boring, I loved it. Every time I recited a poem for the class, it felt like starring in the school play. The words would float out of my mouth as I stared into the audience. I have always loved acting. I love being the center of attention, having a crowd engaged in what I have been doing. I love acting like a different person, getting a new personality. Most of all, I love the songs. I love the way that they flow. The words are glittery and light, even if they are about the darkest of concepts. Songs are poems with a melody. Poems are always strait forward. Each note acknowledges the meaning of every word. Sometimes, a song tells a story. Other times, it describes a feeling or a situation. I love listening to songs with singers, but sometimes I feel that it is nicer to have a song without words. It is music that does not tell you the meaning. You must figure it out. These songs are the heart of music. No song is as good without a harmony and background. No song is music without a small mystery. It is not the words that bring out music, it is the song. Music lets you relax. Everything can be made into music. To be able to play music is a wonderful thing. It lets you focus about one thing, and leave all other thoughts behind you.

When you are a middle school girl, rest-hour at camp is about the most painful thing possible. Sitting in a room full of your best friends, with so much to say without being able to make any noise. You had to find something to do. I snapped on my ipod, took out my book and immediately lay down. Music played softly in the background. My eyes gazed upon the black ink. Soon, I fell into my own magical world. No one else in the room was with me. I was all alone, and I was happy. The world around me seemed to disappear. I was immerged in an imagination. An imagination that is still waiting to be figured out.