This I Believe

Ben - Wheaton, Illinois
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

The Valley of Life

I believe in getting through the bad days just to cherish the good ones.

I have lived on this earth for seventeen good years, and I have lived through many good days and thousands of bad. Yet in late April of 2003, my uncle died. This was a crippling blow to my family. My uncle was one who could put a smile on anyone’s face and was always kind. On the day of his funeral, we had to drive to downtown Chicago, and go to some church on a corner. On the way there I thought to myself, how could my life possibly get any worse?

As my family walked into the church, united, my life did get worse. Immediately as we got in there, emotions started flooding. I felt extreme sadness and pain, seeing all of the pictures put out of my uncle. Not one photo without a smile.

After the ceremony, my mom went around and talked to those she knew, and I waited by the pictures. Then I saw my grandmother who had tears welling up, but she smiled. A comforting smile that helped me see that life will get better. I knew then that even when you hit rock bottom, over time your life will become better.

Four years later, I now use this everyday. Things may not be going my way, but I know that things will be better again. The best way to deal with those bad days is to just smile and look on the bright sides of things. And when that good day comes along, I have learned that you must cherish it because good days come few and far between. I don’t see it as optimistic, but eager, eager for the next bright day that will guide and help me live my life better. And this process will continue, I will again have some bad days, yet I will smile through them, and live for the day at the top of the valley, lead by my acquired wisdom and knowledge.