This I Believe

Chelsea - Kankakee, Illinois
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in existence.

Each person is put on this earth for a reason.

Everyone has the ability to think what he or she wants

And believe in whom they want.

I have been given an allotted time period

To experience everything imaginable.

Who said that life is too short?

Life is the longest and the only thing you will ever endure.

But this one life is full of surprises

Things that you might think are coincidences, are actually really meant to happen.

Each person you meet, you will once meet again.

You may have an impact on someone’s life, without even knowing.

I find it truly amazing that God has put me on this earth

Living in the town I’m supposed to be in

Meeting the people I was meant to meet

Choosing a career path and aspiring myself onto my own future

How can this existence be less than a miracle?

I often wonder about how small we truly are.

Thinking of an atom, of a single cell

Producing a child that will grow

And this person on such a huge earth

This world, with all it’s billions of people

All the animals imaginable,

Every mountainside to each beachfront.

This earth is just as small as us

Because the earth lies in a solar system

And the solar system in a galaxy

And this is one galaxy compared to billions out there.

Why did God choose us to be on this earth?

And are there more earths out there in other galaxies,

Where people are wondering the same thing?

I ask: Why do I get this opportunity to live this wonderful life?

Answer: I have a reason for being here

And the best part of my journey is….I can’t tell you until I clock out.