This I Believe

Darrin - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Why I believe in Chevyism

I believe that the General Motors Company is better than all the other vehicle assembling companies, like ford, dodge, and the other imported vehicles. My belief is called Chevyism. When I was born my parents had ford vehicles. My parents had fords up until I was 14 or 15, and they were good vehicles only because they had four wheels and an engine. When we moved my dad bought a Chevy from his boss, and now we have a Silverado, and a GMC Suburban. To this day I think that every person should own a GM vehicle. The other companies may produce some good vehicles like dodge with the Charger, Rumble bee, Viper, Hemi Sport these are some good products produced by Dodge. People say that Chevy has no sports car that was until people found out that Chevy is coming out with the Camaro again. Ford has been around for a long time. Ford made it big when Bob Chandler put big wheels on his F-150 and decided to run over a couple of cars. After that happened Ford started getting big they then started producing more vehicles. This relates to my everyday life by the fact that I will not ride in a vehicle that is not a GM product. The only time I ride in other vehicles that are not GM products is when I actually have to but other than that I will not ride in a vehicle that is not a GM product. I am not saying that a person should go out and buy a GM vehicle, when you look at it as long as it has four wheels and a running motor then it is good.