This I Believe

Dustin - Park Hills, Mo, Missouri
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: injustice

Standing Up For Yourself

Two year’s ago some drunk, at the Huddle House parking lot who was bigger than me, started mouthing me. I was in my car with the window down minding my own business. The altercation started because when I flipped my cigarette out the window, the drunk was walking by and thought that I was flipping it at him. I told him that I was just flipping my cigarette out and did not see him walking by my car. You can’t tell a drunk anything. So, we got into a big argument about it. He started to walk off, I turned away, and he gave me a cheap shot to the face. I got out of my car, tackled him, hit him about three times, and then he started to take control. He ended up beating the crap out of me. The way I look at it is, I stood up to him and didn’t back down just because he was bigger than me.

I believe that you should not take stuff from people who are bigger, stronger, or older than you. I always think that just because you might be bigger or stronger, there is always somebody who has a smoother technique than you. A person should always stick up for yourself. If you don’t then people will begin to run you over and keep on doing the same thing to you. You should not allow someone to punch you in the face and do nothing back. You should defend yourself and let them know that (you are not going to take their crap). I tried to defend myself against the drunk. He hit me and I didn’t allow him to just punch me then take off. I got out of my car, tackled him, punched him three times (even though he beat me up), I still stood up for myself. He knew that I was not going to let him get away with punching me just because he was older. This is one story of why I believe that you should stick up for yourself and not let people try to run you over all the time. So please take my advice and take up for yourself okay.