This I Believe

Sarah - Wilmington, Massachusetts
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Learning to Listen and Love

It seems these days kids use their family for materialistic or selfish reasons. Usually, parents are used for money, car rides, food, and new high tech inventions. The most common thing between siblings is fighting with cumulating tensions. But what if one day something were to happen to someone you took advantage of without saying a simple “thank you” or “I really appreciate it”? This is why I believe that everyone should value and cherish their family because you never know if something bad will happen to one of them.

When a child realizes that they should listen to their parents’ prudent advice, they’re starting to become more aware of right and wrong. That is why I also believe that kids should acknowledge their elder’s advice because, as long as the adult is responsible, they’ll become a better person.

My belief in being thankful and loving to your family is derived from a first hand experience. I had a dog, Ace. I loved him so much because I had finally convinced my parents to get a dog. Unfortunately, a few months later, when he was still a puppy, we found out he had epilepsy which caused seizures. I hated when Ace would undergo seizures in front of me. Four year’s into Ace’s life, the disease took over him and weakened him, resulting in the end of his life. I was so heart broke, especially since he was a great friend. I felt so bad that I grew distant from Ace during his last year with me, and now I regret it all and wish I could have been more appreciative to him.

Another event that took place was when my Grandpa was diagnosed with throat and prostate cancer. I was so scared for his life, and while he came out of it with his health, I came out of it with a sense of appreciation towards him. I had realized how much I loved him and that I could’ve lost him from the cancer. These events have made me reconsider my relationship with my family. I put aside my “cool gadget” need and focused more on spending time with them.

Listening to your parents has seemed like the smartest thing to do because of my father. He has told me many, many words of advice when I had a problem of if he wanted to correct anything I had said or done that was wrong to other people. Most of the time I’d say, “No way, what you’re telling me is stupid” or “No Dad, if I have to do that then I don’t want to be a better person”. But I always realized that what he said worked and I would hate to admit that my old man was actually right. He has taught me to be kind to everyone regardless to their “status” or looks. Not only do I do what my Dad suggests, but I feel better about myself. For example, there had been a girl that I thought was a bit dorky that I did not want to be near because I thought other people would make fun of me. I told my dad about the whole incident, and he explained to me that as long as she’s a nice person then it shouldn’t really matter what they look like, and that I should give her a chance. I did not want to give her a chance, but I did anyways. It turned out she was nice, and when I started being nice back to her I felt proud that I did the right thing.

Luckily, I am able to enjoy having a great family who is always there for me because I am always there for them. I believe every family should be appreciated; flaws should be pushed aside and the positive characteristics should be brought to the surface. I do admit I’m still working on appreciating my sister, but sometimes it takes time, but the effort will pay off eventually. If you want to take advantage of your family do it in a good way and spend time with them. I am actually happy that I learned to listen to my Dad’s advice, thinking I would just give it a shot to see if what he said would work. I was surprised to find out he knew a little bit more than sports and cars. I believe if someone has righteous parents that have a good head on their shoulders then their kids should listen to them because in the long run they’ll be happier with themselves and the world in general, like I am. Get to know the people in your life because in just the blink of an eye, in a beat of your heart, in a breath of fresh air, they could be gone.