This I Believe

Sky - Seattle, Washington
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

The way I see it, after long periods of staring, and a fair amount of contemplation, you can strip most anything down to exactly what it really is. Take a good wine for example. I’ve stared-down a ridiculous amount of grown men and women sipping this pungent red poison squeezed, theoretically from grapes. You take wine and you could start by thinking, it’s a drink; from there, you should proceed to realize, it’s a drink created by a process of aging.

Now, as a person who has certainly smelled more than he would have liked in sixteen years, I know that if you go about cutting the soft flesh of a banana over your Cheerios, and irresponsibly fling the peel on to the kitchen counter the day before a week long vacation, you will be greeted upon return by a dense scribble of gnats, circling like tiny vultures over a mass of blackened flesh. Having smelled decomposing fruit, and smelling wine, I can tell you they are one and the same; from this I have drawn the conclusion that wine is, all ingredients and glamor aside, nothing more than rotten bananas.

If we were to take all the things in our day to day, and strip them down to their bare elements we would probably realize just how similar everything really is, achieve a certain sense of enlightenment, and probably feel pretty good about ourselves.

Our selves however, seem to be the one thing we all have a hard time dealing with. If you were to take some kid with skinny jeans and punk rock hair, an octogenarian who can’t be beat at scrabble, and a successful PhD Harvard graduate with a bottomless checking account, and strip them of their clothing and forget about all those unwanted details, you might realize that they too, are the same, just people; and the sooner we realize this truth the less rotten we will become, and that is a really good wine.