This I Believe

Amanda - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on December 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

As a conservative I believe in a strong head of state. I believe to lead is to guide. The President, alone, should dictate how the country will be run; we should be subservient.

All of the passengers on the plane cannot together fly it, so he alone is the pilot. It is he who has the experience and education needed to glide us safely through tough terrain. Once you step on board, buckle up and take-off you are no longer the master of your own destiny. As a country we lack faith. There is no hesitation when it comes to having faith in someone you will never see but, for a leader, we have none. Though you may be upset that the course he takes is not the quickest, realize he took it because it was the smoothest.

?A shepherd may not always round up the sheep first try but ye of little faith, he will herd them in the end. The reason is simple: that is his job. You may lose faith when everything doesn’t fall into place immediately. Don’t lose faith in the shepherd; he will guide you just as he guides the sheep. With every wrong turn, don’t cry wolf. The boy who constantly cries wolf is ignored. Don’t put yourself in a position to be ignored. ?

Just as you unconditionally stand behind your ideas, your family and even your friends, you should stand behind your leader. For he alone will guide you, this I believe.

As a military brat I believe in supporting the armed forces. I believe in launching full-fledged attacks, or none at all. Those are the only two options. The military has no option but to win, this I believe. ?

I am not here to say whether we should be in the Middle East or whether we shouldn’t, the facts are clear: we are. Moreover the media is pushing portions of ‘we’ve been there too long, too many soldiers are dying, and we’re accomplishing little’, and to top it off a whopping helping of ‘we’re spending too much money’. We can’t expect to settle century long disputes in a year or two. We can’t expect to forever change the government of a country in such a short time, just as we can’t expect for no one to die. This is war.

The United States is the world’s hegemony. We have more resources and strength than any one country. It’s naive to believe we can’t support our President and our troops.

Don’t feel bad for soldiers who die, for they are heroes. They enlist in the military for one reason, to defend the freedoms this country was founded upon, to defend our people.

My father has faith in this country, in his military and in himself. My father will return from war alive or will give his life for the only thing he ever thought was worth the cause, this I believe.