This I Believe

Jonathan - 30066, Georgia
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe school is a corrupted institution. The curriculum does not permit students to explore their interest and skills for a later career. Students spend eight hours five days a week in school only to return home with a night of homework ahead. Education is based on text books rather than physical hands-on learning.

School is like a seven-foot tall, villainous creature that denies students the liability to explore interests for their later career. Instead, he makes them take the regular boring classes, those of which are useless to the student in making their decision in what they choose to study after high school. This causes students to have a lack on interest in the subjects, leading to a possible lowering of grades leading onto a lower GPA. The effect of this is a negative outlook on the student is formed and this hinders them from getting into a good college for their desired major, or to find their desired major. Schools need to offer career-like courses to help students have at least a little idea of what they want to major in. Better yet, what they don’t want to major in.

Also, if a person wants to be a teacher and is in the school system under the employment of “teacher”, they need to actually teach and not do a slack off job. They need to also know how to teach what they are “teaching” the students and know the correct way to teach it. Some people just want to be teacher and don’t have the actual ability to teach, this needs to change.

Students should be judged and accepted into colleges, degrees, and careers not by what their GPA or “book smarts” are, but by how well they perform the specified area and their knowledge in it. For example, there is a student who has dreamed of becoming an engineer for the rest of his life and becoming the best at it, but because of one failed high school course that he didn’t even need later in life because of his career, his GPA dropped and he wasn’t accepted into his dream college. There is someone out there that can find the cure to cancer but can’t get it out to the world because grades matter so much. Grades should never be greater or judged before the actual ability of the student is observed.