This I Believe

Keltson - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


By: Keltson C

What is your dream? We all have them and most think about it often. Have you ever let society stop you from fulfilling your dreams? A lot of you can probably say a huge “YES” to that. Well my story is about my dreams for the sport of rodeo. I am a Team Roping-Heeler but this winter I will begin to ride saddle broncs. I love the sport of rodeo like Michael Jordan loves basketball. I grew up around horses and help my cousins run our ranch during the spring and summer. My dad rode bulls and introduced me to rodeo when I was just a kid.

I started out riding sheep then calves then steers and a few mini and jr. bulls. But my dad said I couldn’t be a bull rider so I thought that I would team rope. I was going to do that as a second event anyways and knew right away that I wanted to be a heeler. My cousin got me started and got me a roping horse and I began at the indoor arena with all of the high school rodeo team. When I was learning down there I realized it was way different than in the mountains or on the ranch. This is where my story begins.

The first time when I came out of the box my bridal was not adjusted right and my horse took off and ran to the other side of the arena and started bucking. I got thrown straight into the wall at what seemed like a hundred miles an hour and stuck out my arms to break the fall and ended up getting hurt but continued to ride. Soon I had labels from the entire high school rodeo club. Like wall lover, wannabe roper, broke back, and many other names along with the names all cowboys get like, broke back, cow humper, retarded farmer, and lets not forget the most famous one, hick, and many others. When they say these things it would make me get really mad and curse at them. But I realized that the best way to take care of the problem was to beat them and prove them wrong.

“Don’t hate what you can’t change.” –Joe Beaver. I heard this last week at the National Finals Rodeo at NFR tonight and this helped me realize that I can’t get mad at what I can’t change. I just need to prove them wrong. So I practiced on the dummy three days a week for an hour and roped steers at my neighbors house three days a week for four hours. I got rope burns, fingers caught in my saddle horn while getting my dally, bucked off, and ruffed up a bit and not including getting yelled at by my roping teacher every time I did something wrong. It was tuff and there were times that I wanted to just give up but then I told myself not to get discouraged and to just become better than them. Now I am participating in high school rodeos and love it. I’ve had lots of fun and so far I have roped four out of five steers at the rodeos. I’ve been to like fifteen but my team roping partner hasn’t had his best year. Right now I am better than most ropers in the rodeo club.

I continue to follow my dreams and hope to succeed in being a professional team roper in the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association and compete and hopefully win the world title at the National Finals Rodeo. I believe in dreams.