This I Believe

Mike - 01887, Massachusetts
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that life is to be enjoyed and that people should do the things that make them happy, not what people expect of them. Lately as school gets tougher I find that between that and doing things like playing sports, which are usually also every day, I have less and less time to do what I want. I really do not have time to do things with my friends or just watch TV even though my friend’s house is a ten-minute walk down the street and the TV is in my living room. I also find that as I make more decisions for my self that more and more is expected of me. Even when I did not make many decisions for myself, people tried to decide what I wanted to do.

An example of this was one year that I had just finished a recreation baseball season and the sign ups for next year were already coming up. My father was expecting to sign me up and when I told him not to, I had to convince him that I really did not want to play. When I saw my coaches a few weeks later I found that they were also shocked and disappointed that I was not playing. Most people thought that just because I played well, I would play again the next year. In truth I did not enjoy it like I used to and had to explain my change of heart to a few people that I did not even know. It took up too much time and I simply did not have fun with it any more.

Sometimes my friends also assume that I want to do the same things with them every day. My house is conveniently located 5 minutes from the school so I walk here and back every day. I usually walk with several of my friends. Most days they want to do something, which I can’t do because I have homework. It is hard to still have fun with my friends when I take mostly honors classes and they take lower level classes; they have no work and I have a ton. They always try and convince me that I can do my work when I get home and sometimes I listen to them. Other times I must tell them I can’t and go to my house. My friends need to realize that I have more responsibilities and I need to fulfill them. If I don’t particularly feel like playing basketball one day and feel like relaxing then I tell them that I would rather not do anything.

I realize that just because a great deal of my time is spent in school, on homework, and playing sports that I am not entitled to anything. However, when the choice is mine to make I would rather do something that I enjoy, not what people expect or want of me. I believe that people should do the things that make them happy, not what people expect of them.