This I Believe

Amanda - navarre, Ohio
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Willpower and Hard Work Overcomes All

I have had let downs and disappointments in my life, not making a team sport or drama performance, doing poorly on a school assignment, and getting into serious trouble for my careless actions. But I have also had many proud moments and successes. I have gotten the highest grades throughout school that I am capable of, made a sports team and won an award, exhibited acts of unselfishness, and created art that has been praised. I accredit of all of those things to the will to succeed and to work hard.

I’m your typical competitive person, not over the top, but I have enough drive to get what I want and make a difference in my life. I believe that nothing is more powerful than honest, hard work. I feel that everything I do has to be to the best of my ability. I try never to turn in something or say something is finished, unless it has gotten my seal of approval that I’ve put all of my energy into it. I think that if I’m going to do something, anything, it has to be done right. If there’s no passion or thought put into it, it shouldn’t be attempted at all.

Willpower is a mind over matter thing, and hard work is a physical thing, and together they can create a powerful force that can’t be stopped. I feel that some people are born with the ambition to become great, and others can achieve greatness through hard work. And then there are some who seem to not have any initiative at all; those are the people I feel sorry for. The ones who sit back and watch others lead a good life and wish they could do the same, without even attempting to make it happen for themselves. The people who you ask what a goal of theirs is and they say I don’t know, the ones who don’t care if they stand or fall, and the ones who think they shouldn’t have to work hard for anything, it should just come to them.

The determination to do something great or worthwhile is within one’s mind. I think I have a good amount of motivation within myself, and always seem to find more when I feel I don’t have any left. It’s like I am will-strong, I will try to withstand anything that is presented to me, and if I fail I know that I will have given it my all.