This I Believe

Brittany - Greensboro, North Carolina
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was 12 years old I was a naive child. My focus was on boys and what was going on with my friends, I could not see past Friday night. I didn’t really concern myself with the fact that our country was being attacked. I believed in a country that did not need protection from others, I believed that I would always be safe. When the towers fell, my foolishness fell too. I did not doubt my country’s strength. I believed in my country, I believed we were strong and that we would not be pushed around. My faith has been with our soldiers and they are proving that America stands strong. I believe that the war has caused heartache, but I do not believe that it was the wrong thing to do. Now I am 18 and I believe in a country that is based on democracy. I am not a naive little girl anymore, like some might think. I am not distinct in my belief in republicans or liberals. I do not vote for parties, I believe in voting for individual people. Those individuals’ thoughts are what lets me know who is leading the country. I believe that the government will at times fail in their promises because there are flaws like everything else, but that does not mean they will fail in providing protection. I believe in a government that is not corrupt, that only people can make it corrupt. I do not believe in blaming the President for every disaster that happens, he does not act along. We see only the flaws in others and not ourselves. I believe in the power of faith and the power of strength. With faith and strength we can succeed in anything. I think people fail to see this and in return let themselves fail. I do not believe that all people are pure, but have been given a chance to do well. I believe with knowledge, strength, and faith we can overcome anything. People fall because they fail to see this. I believe that people should look at what we have overcome as a nation and that we should not live in the past. I believe people should stand up for themselves, but they should not take advantage of others. Just because people are able to do something does not mean that they should do it, especially if it harms others. I believe that people should search for the good in all and in themselves. I will always believe in the laws that give me the right to state my beliefs. I’m 18 now and believe that I will always be granted the rights listed under the constitution and therefore I will fight for my government.