This I Believe

Grace - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that sometimes the best person you can spend time with is yourself. Since beginning a new chapter of my life, I have found myself being unhappy at times with the situations I am in and the people I associate with. Any other person might look at my life and think I am crazy for not being satisfied. But most people do not know what kind of life I led before I entered college. This transition has been one full of excitement and stress, but also a feeling of emptiness.

When I sit back and examine my life right now, I have determined that I am not always genuinely happy. After a few months of doing nothing about it, I have finally realized that the remedy for my situation is simple. I am going to start taking time for myself away from my current environment and do the things that make me happy. I sat down the other day and started listing anything that makes me happy, not what my group of friends enjoys doing, but things that I truly enjoy doing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I began to list things, I kept going and going. It makes me feel better already to know that there are a lot of opportunities out there to make myself happy.

Meeting new people is scary and exciting, but it also makes me think about the friends I have from high school. It reminds me that they are not with me every day like they were for the previous four years. I catch myself comparing the new friends I am making to the old ones I still have. But I have decided that I do not always need to depend on other people to provide my happiness and fill my emptiness.

In high school, I definitely depended on other people to have fun and feel fulfilled. Since entering college and discovering a new kind of independence, I am slowly figuring out that I can also be independent from my friends. I think a lot of my unhappiness has been stemming from the so-called drama among my group of friends. Living in such close proximities with your friends and seeing them 24/7 definitely makes situations more susceptible to tension and disagreements. Removing myself from potentially dramatic situations is something that I am going to work on doing more often.

I believe that there are probably a lot of people out there experiencing some of the same feelings I am dealing with. I think it is important for someone to realize that while we may fall into the trap of pleasing others, it is still important to make ourselves happy first. When we are satisfied with ourselves and our lives, then we can truly enjoy spending time with others. Spend time with yourself and rediscover how great you can make your own life. Sometimes that can be the best company you will encounter.