This I Believe

Jason - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Jason lane

This I believe

I believe in the power of time. I believe that time changes almost every thing. Time is what has formed the land into a menacing and beautiful landscape. Time is what has formed the great monuments of the great civilizations of the world like the Eiffel tower and the Great Wall of China it took time to make all of these magnificent things.

Time is what has helped man progress. I walk around my very own small town of Heber City Utah and I see how time has changed it in the three years I’ve been there. For example it has grown immensely in population and the lakes have gone up and down in water, and the mountains have changed color. But most important is how it has changed the people’s lives that live there.

It has taken people and made them bitter or kind. It has taken little babies and turned them into toddlers and eventually into adults. Time has made bonds among family the can never be broken. But it has also made rivalries among family and friends to. But the bonds it has made will last a life time in fact beyond a life time because you keep loving someone that has died and this is the bonded I am talking about. So if you think about it time helps love mature and grow much like a flower, it blooms and grows and becomes something beautiful. But the thing is it dies but the flower shares its pollen with other flowers, and next spring a new flower blossoms. I guess that this is just like people they share their love and it filters on which leads back to time because without time changing every thing, stuff like that could not happen. The other day I was talking with my teacher Mr. Clyde and he said that if people did not age and start dieing when they are born then time would not exist. But that is not true because every thing would change around us. We would be like the people in the movie Tuck Everlasting We would be out of the flow and just site there like a bump on a loge. That is why I believe in the power of time.