This I Believe

Scott - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Scott Huggard

This I believe

If you have problems through meeting people, try something different. Here’s an example of my life through basketball and how it helped me get friends, but first here is another example its from a movie you have probably heard called Gridiron Gang but if you haven’t here it is.

There is a town that has two streets in it called Eighty-Eight Street and the other is Ninety-Fifth Street. One teenager is sent from each street to a juvenile detention center. The people running the place are trying to find a way to stop letting them back out on the streets where they get killed. So they decide to make a football team and play against high school teams. They still hate each other but they still are both on the team. Then as the season went on they became better friends. They work together as a team and during the rest of the movie the one from eighty-eight street ends up saving the other when one of the eighty-eight’s homies shot him once and then got stopped from finishing him off by his own homie.

See I told you that you can make friends it just takes time even if they are your arch enemies you can still become friends. There is a catch though you have to be willing to do it and stick with it. I think this really is a gook way to meet and get along with people you really hate or get mad at. It’s not that hard to forgive them so just give them another chance and maybe they can change too.

Ok now here is my experience. As I was walking through the door to basketball the coach tossed me the ball. I knew just what to do. So I took the ball dribbling right to the hoop and shot. I missed and was very disappointed in myself. I was laughed at and got made of. Then the season went on I didn’t take to many shots though but then I still make a lot of friends and it helped me build up my confidence to ask other people to be my friends.

So how hard does it look go ahead give it a try. You might just be satisfied with the outcome. So if not just try a different approach and maybe it might work out then. Well this is what I believe in so go ahead have a try.