This I Believe

Michael - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I believe that toilet papering has formed me into the person I am now today. It is a character building activity. When you toilet paper it’s not just you going out and getting a friends house. It is more than just that. It is a work of art, a way to express your emotions in a healthy way.

You may think that you can just go out and toilet paper whoever you want. But, the last thing you want to happen is getting caught vandalizing private property after curfew by the cops. Toilet papering is an on going battle against three forces; you, your victim and most importantly… the fuzz. So trust me, this is not a sport for the weary.

I will tell you a close story to my heart which has helped me in my days. One time I was toilet papering one of my friends, because she had it coming. we were going strong going from tree to tree but no one would get close two the house so of coarse me and my bro “tp” had to go up to the house and start getting the shrubs next to the door. All at once a dog started barking the lights shot on and the door busted open! At this time we did not have an escape plan everyone ran there own ways “tp” ran straight threw the toilet paper barrier we built threw the trees. As for me, I ran straight towards the fence with the dog right on my tail. With one big leap, I jumped over the fence, but no completely clearing it, my foot had caught the top so I face planted in the dirt. I shot up as fast as I could but luckily the dog had a shock collar, and I had a good laugh or two watching it try and get me. I ended up calling the get away car and we escaped.

There are a few lessons that I learned from this experience; one is planning and organization is the key to completing a goal, Two, it is good to be brave but you also need to think logically, and three having chemistry with your team. Knowing what there strengths, weaknesses, knowing what job they are doing if they are sweepers or just door stoppers maybe even cradle whispers, they are all play important roll’s.

Before I started this I was known as “shy” but toilet papering has given me attributes that I can now carry over into the world. I was shy and scared but now I changed my mind set I am no longer afraid to go talk to people. I think hey if I can toilet paper a house with its own toilet paper then why is it so scary to make some buddies and go talk to some kids. And that is why I believe that toilet papering builds character.