This I Believe

Morgan - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

Gossiping is Wrong

Has anyone ever talked behind your back? How did you feel? Teenagers tend to constantly gossip. Sometimes, they don’t even realize that they’re gossiping.

I believe gossiping is the top ten things that causes pain in the world. Gossiping is cruel and wrong. So just keep your comments to yourself.

Teenage girls have a tremendous problem with spreading rumors. It’s just natural. When ever you get in a group of friends, you mainly only talk about other people. I know because I hear it all the time.

I have asked my friends and my mom why they think people gossip.

One of my friends said a really good reason. ‘Girls or people gossip to make themselves look and feel good. They want people to think someone is doing something wrong and make things up about them. Then they spread rumors.’ My mom said, ‘They do it for revenge and to make the person look stupid.’

So does gossiping bring down the gossiper? I believe so. Once everyone knows you spread something, they will think wrongly of you. It always comes back to the source.

Gossiping is a very dangerous thing to play around with. You don’t want to be caught in the act, or listening to it. Even if you are there, and you hear the rumor, it’s more likely you will spread it too. No one is innocent to say they have never gossiped.

I have a personal experience about gossiping.

In fourth grade, I was friends with a fifth grader. Her name was Michelle. Well, Michelle and my other friend Carolyn didn’t like each other. After a while, I was mean to Carolyn ad started to hang out with Michelle. So Carolyn got mad and she was rude to my friends and me.

So, finally my friends and I took action. We would gossip about Carolyn. That’s all we did. We even made up a mean song about her. But she didn’t know. Finally it went too far and Carolyn told our teacher.

Our teacher pulled Carolyn, my friend Ally and me out of class. She also pulled Michelle out with us too. She took us out into the hall and told us we needed to stop gossiping. It was wrong what we were doing and we were hurting Carolyn’s feelings. She told us to apologize to each other and be friends again.

So I have learned what gossiping does. It backfires and bring everyone down that is involved. Just take my advice and don’t gossip. I promise your life will be better if you don’t gossip, and people will appreciate you!