This I Believe

Nichole - San Diego, California
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of friendship. I am originally from Lake Tahoe, yes people actually live there, and being from a small community you really learn to understand what it feels like to have true friends. I went to kindergarten with the same group of friends I graduated high school with. Not many people can say that these days. Families are constantly moving, the divorce rate keeps rising, and it seems as though petty drama and childish fights among teens are taking over.

People have lost the passion for true close-knit friends. I know we all have “friends,” but do you think that your so called “friends” would take a bullet for you? The idea of true friendship has vanished in our society. For some reason people seem to hold a guard up and are afraid to let someone in. I know more people who have acquaintances and are perfectly fine with that. Boy, are they missing out.

I currently live with 5 girls and it’s hard to believe but I wouldn’t change that for the world. At times it’s a struggle but in the end it’s worth it. I have been living with my best friends for the past 2 years and during that time we have not gotten in any large argumentive disputes. This is simply because we understand each other and we know that in the end we will be there for one another. No matter what the circumstances, I can always depend on them and, of course, they can depend on me.

I believe in the importance of friendship. My friends are my family, without them I would be lost. They shape who I am today and what I believe in. Just like a family, we do everything together; we have family dinners, give advice and also support. We rely on each other for everything. I believe it is essential for people to have friends as close as their own families and I think our society is slowly dwindling from that belief.

Friendship is more powerful than it sounds. It is an idea about having a companion, a true counterpart in another person. Not only a solidarity but a closeness that nobody else can describe but your true friends. I do not understand why, but for some reason this belief and common amiability is slowly starting to disappear in our culture.