This I Believe

Spencer - Heber City, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose


Everyone can make a difference. This I believe. If no one made a difference. It would be like everyone was the same. If everyone was the same wouldn’t that just be very boring. If one person made a difference then it would start a chain reaction and more and more people would make a difference.

It’s like that in sports to. If your team is loosing then you make a difference get everyone to make a difference. I read a quote once that read. “You miss 100% of all the shots you don’t take.” I believe that to. You don’t make difference if you miss the chance to make a difference.

I have an experience when someone else. Make a difference to me. When I was younger a few years ago I loved and played basketball I still do but I wasn’t that great then a new family moved in to the neighborhood so we started hanging out everyday and just playing basketball for hours with my friend his younger brother and his older brother. Having someone to play with and playing with them a lot made a difference in my game now I am a lot then I used to. My shot is better my ball handling is better, I have a lot more stamina and I am a lot smarter with my game.

Another time when a difference could have been made was when I was at my teacher’s quorum teacher’s house with other kids from the quorum we were making curry rice for this dinner thing we had that night. And one kid had brought his motor scooter so of course I asked if I could ride it and he said if I get on the back for a while with him then he would let me ride. So I got on and we started towards the road but the kid didn’t stop to look past the trees and there was a cement truck coming at us so the truck tried to switch lanes and the kid pulled forward. In front of the truck again. So the truck went back when it passed it was really close to me. If the kid had stopped that would have made a difference we wouldn’t have come close to getting hit by the cement truck. And the tuck driver would gave been better to.

Another good time when people can make a difference everyday is when you go on a mission you are making a difference in other peoples lives every time even if they don’t want to believe it you are. This I Believe.