This I Believe

Josh - Wallsburg, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Josh Butters

This I Believe….

One thing I believe is life isn’t always fair and isn’t always easy. It’s also never predictable, it’s unexpected. Most of the time everybody just rolls with it. They don’t think ahead or look back on life. They just take it head on as it comes from day to day. One thing I like to think of life as is a mountain. You’ll be going all fine and just when you think your about to dip your skies into a bunch of nice powder. BAM! You’ve got three cracked ribs, two broken legs, a dislocated arm, and your on a life flight off the mountain.

Another thing I relate life to is snowboarding. It has its ups and downs. Some times you’ll be going down a slope not falling, just enjoying the ride, when all of the sudden. You’ve caught an edge and your doing cartwheels down the mountain for fifty feet or more. Then when you come to a stop you don’t just sit there and give up you get back up and keep going no matter if your going to do that again.

In life you may fall down. Or in other words run into a problem. But you don’t just say hey screw this I can’t do this. You get back up and fix the problem. And if you can’t fix it you do your best to fix it. But once your past it try not to look back and stay on that subject just look foreword and focus on what’s ahead.

And then the unexpected happens. You could hit a mound or clip a rock or something and get thrown off your balance and just as you almost have control. BAM! You just landed in two feet of powder lot control and now your on the ground. That’s also like life. You could be doing something important when all the sudden out of the blue your in trouble. It could take you a while to get out or you could just bounce right out of it and back to what your were doing. One thing is you shouldn’t take life to seriously, because nobody lives forever. So enjoy it when its enjoyable and when its not just do your best to get through it.

But the fact of the matter is. Keep moving foreword and keep your head up. Life may have some bad breaks. But get past them and keep going. But the most important thing to get out of this is live life the best you can. And that is just one of the things I believe in.