This I Believe

Abdalla - Clarksville, Maryland
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

I believe in forgiveness. Forgiveness for those that have made mistakes like average humans, forgiveness for those who have made bad decisions in the past, Forgiveness for those that take things for granted, and forgiveness for our loved ones.

We all make mistakes and we learn from them too. The support needed to learn from one’s mistakes derives from the forgiveness of whoever is willing to offer it. Accomplishment can be reached to its full extent by a little forgiveness, but first forgive yourself. Figure out what’s holding you back, reflect upon it, and resolve the problem with a clear solution. To forgive is to give life in a way because the possibilities are greater now. New hope opens its gates for you to come through proud and ready.

Someone in your life has made some mistakes. What do you do? Do you yell at them and punish them? Do you let it go? Or do you tell them I forgive you? Punishment can lead to rebellion, which will cause the punished to make careless mistakes jut to get at you. When you say “I Forgive You” that person will understand and will reflect on the mistake without you hinting at it. The best part is, you get to see the smile on their face after they forgive themselves.