This I Believe

Garrett - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

College Education

This I believe, that united states has the best colleges and the best education in the world. We have the best colleges and universities that everyone from all over the world come to our country to get their education. And after they get their education from us they go back home to help their country to more educated. This I believe that America has the best colleges and universities in the world. And more and more Americans are not getting into this colleges at their home town. More and more are Americans are not getting their education. This I believe in America getting higher and stronger education we are slacking off.

I believe in a strong Athletic and academic America, we were the leader in education but we are not. But we have the top colleges and universities in the world that everybody wants to go to America to get their own education and we live in America we have the advantage but looks like we are losing it slowly and in the future they estimated that 60% of college students will be girls and 40% will be boys. Right now there are a lot more boys than girls that will switch rapidly.

This I believe in the best colleges and Universities in the world are in America and Interviewed my dad on how hard it is to go to college and get a education. He said “ It wasn’t easy at all I sacrificed I put a lot of effort in to it”. I barely got into a College called BYU one of the hardest colleges to get into in the nation. I graduated with a Masters degree and can provide for my family and my advice is get your education now before it is to late.

My opinion of America is to step it up a notch or you could say raise the bar in harder education and that’s my advice to other colleges and universities around the nation, and the world. And America its time to pick it up I plan on getting a college education and plan to help others to get their own education.