Miracles Can Happen to You

David - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

In my life things happen that do not always go the way I want them to go. Bearing the fact that life is not fair, still miracles still do occur. For instance when life throws something at you that is life threatening and there seems to be no way out, what first may seem too be bad may turn out to be something good. A little over a year ago my grandpa was diagnosed with cancer again; in this situation most people would just give up and die after already having to put up with cancer once before. After already beating cancer once before, most would give up and just count their days until they died, but being the war vet, my grandpa is and having gone through cancer a few years previously he was up to the challenge of beating cancer a second time which battered his knee and it is now hard for him to walk at the age of 65. He went through the same way he defeated the cancer that attacked him previously though treatment and prayers, his faith in god kept him from giving up and his family also kept him for quitting and for not giving in to the fact that he had cancer and there is no cure.

The fact that I believe in miracles is because it is a good thing because what it does is give hope to those who have no hope, to believe in something is the best thing that could happen. If we give people hope to believe that something good can a will happen to them then we will reduce the suicide rates because if people feel like something good is going to happen in their life then they will have no reason to take their own life. To tell someone that a miracle is coming there way is to give hope to those who have none, why would you think it better to live in doubt when that is what causes the most people to cause suicides because they fell that there life is a waste that no one cares what they do or what happens to them. Miracles still happen even though you may not notice it or not. I believe that it would be the best to try and believe that miracles can happen to you.