This I Believe

Jessie - Park Hills, Mississippi
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

God’s Grace

In my life, I have gone through a lot. In the past year, I have had surgery, I was born with a birth mark on the back of my neck and I never would have thought that it would bother me. I was teased all through school because it was big.

When it started to itch then I got worried. It was growing faster than my body. I went to so many doctors and finally my doctor sent me to Children’s Hospital in St. Louis to see what they would say. The doctor wasn’t sure why it grew. He removed my birthmark because he thought it was cancer. I was scared I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what could happen to my body. I didn’t have a clue of what to do. I was able to overcome the fear in having cancer by the grace of God. God lifted me up and put joy in my heart. When they sent some of it off to see if it was cancer or not, it came back that I didn’t have cancer. The birthmark that I had was the type that grew.

From that experience I knew that it wasn’t cancer, cause the grace of God. I believe that God cures people no matter what the cause. I believe this from what I have went through in my life. My grandma had cancer and my grandpa had cancer and the doctor said that they wouldn’t live as long as they did. God does perform miracles. I believe that if I need an answer to my life that God can give me that answer. To believe in the power of God is a great thing. If it had not been for my belief in God and my trust in him I don’t know who I would be. God gives me peace. When I was told that I could possibly have cancer I was scared. God gave me peace over my fear of cancer.

God has done so much for me. To be able to believe in God is every thing to me. I couldn’t believe any other thing. No matter what happens I can always count on something to look towards. I can count on looking towards God in helping me in my struggles and my times in need. When I need someone or something to comfort me God will always be there no matter what the cause or the problem is. He solves all problems.