This I Believe

Libbie - Heber, Utah
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

Libbie Sutera


When I was about 10 they came out with a vacuum cleaner that went around your floor vacuuming by itself. That was when I decided robots would one day rule the world. If there are already robots making other robots better than a human can, do you really think they will still need us?

We can cook; they can cook a five star meal. We can make a chair; a robot can make a table in the same amount of time. They are machines, everything they do is flawless. Once they can do everything on their own, what will they need us for? We will be nothing; we will mean absolutely nothing to them.

After a while they will start to think we are in their way, we are messing up their beautiful world. They will dispose of us like trash. There will be no one to blame but ourselves. What our world has become will be simply because we got lazy. We have depended on machines to do all our work for us.

It wasn’t always like that. There was once a time when we actually worked for what we wanted. Men would work 24 hour days just to keep food on the table for their families. The women would cook and clean all day, children would do all the chores.

But that was a long time ago when people on this earth actually had strong morals. These days most moms and dads work, but doing what? Typing on computers, putting wood into a machine. Kids sit around playing their game boys, or talking on their cell phones

In some ways I am a hypocrite I have a cell phone, and video games. But, I still know that you have to work hard to get things that you want, and if you take advantage of that it will turn around and bite you in the butt. There aren’t many people like that any more. People think everything comes for free, but one day they will find out what they have been doing is slowly leading them to the end of the world.

One day there will be a lazy fat man sitting in his chair ordering a robot to put the wood into the machine, but the robot will turn around and pick him up and throw him in the machine. That’s when it will all start; robots will get tired of being ordered around by these disgusting people. They will kill them, in their own machines that long ago hard working men invented.

There may be survivors, you never know. If there is I sure hope they learn from our past mistakes, and don’t invent vacuum cleaners that go around vacuuming by themselves.