This I Believe

Brice - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Life is Like a Road

Life can sometimes take sick, but sometimes fortuitous twists and turns. For instance, back in February of 2006, I met this girl. At first I’m thinking, oh well, she’s no different from any other girl that I’ve gone out with. But after a month, I discovered that she wasn’t just another. She was a five foot two, green-eyed, blonde who was also cheerleader at West County Middle School. At fourteen-years-old, she had the maturity of a sixteen-year-old, which at the time was way above my maturity level.

We semi-dated for about a month and a half and then she called me one day. She told me that I should to sit down because she needed to tell me something. For a long time she had talked about the possibility of her having to move to Arizona to live with her aunt. So naturally, that’s what I thought it was about-but I was wrong. To skip the details and the reason why and to make a long story short, she made out with her ex-boyfriend. The first girl that I had ever had actually feelings for cheats on me after only a month and a half-we broke up two days later. But when I think about, I really can’t blame her because for the whole time that we were dating (and this is the sad part) we only seen each other twice which was her parents’ fault because they were making such a big deal about our age difference which is only a year and five months (17months).

As I said, life takes some sick and twisted turns. Turns that could destroy lives. This one almost caused the forfeit mine. I believe that because of all the sharp and abrupt turns that life makes no one should try to anticipate where his or her life is going to lead. Having hopes and dreams is one thing, but if a person thinks that something great is going to happen in their life and no one can make them think otherwise, that person is setting them self up for pain and disappointment. But, sometimes life does a one-eighty on you, and not for the bad, but for the good.

The pain of losing this girl never fully subsided. I hadn’t really seen or heard from her until about a year and a half later when all of sudden she starts calling (it’s actually because she seen me at one of her school’s basketball games that was being played here). We talked for about two months, and now we’ve been together for a little over five months. So I’m not saying that life is so bad that it’s not worth living, though sometimes it may seem like it. All I’m saying is that I believe that even if you think you’ve won at life, anything can still happen. You could instantly go from feeling as if you’re at the top of the world to feeling like you’re absolutely nothing. This is what I believe.