This I Believe

megan - parkhills, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: prejudice

The way we are

Have you ever been the most popular kid in the school then move and every one hated you for who you are and every thing you stand for. Life is mean and cruel. Everyone tries to bring someone down so at the end of the day they can try to think of how good they are inside, but then reality strikes and they feel no better then the person being made fun of. Then the person being mad fun of makes fun of someone else-it a never ending cycle that will never go away. There has been so many teen killings and school shootings that you would think that teens would get the hint, but no matter who kills who they will never learn just to understand the one person who has been made fun to understand what they have gone through in life which made them this way. Just think about it-if you understood your worst enemy and realized what they were really going through, would they be your worst enemy?

I am one of those kids I use to love going to the school I was at. Then my mom died and my dad got a girl friend and I was forever out of the picture of every one’s life- the life I once knew was great. I had all kinds of friends and I was seen as a person. My life changed and I changed, but not for the better. I changed in the sense that I changed the way I look at myself and the way I didn’t care any more. The problem is I just got lower and lower because people talked and talked and made fun of me. There was nothing left. The funny thing is only one person has talked to me about my life and that one person became my best friend. No one else wants to take the time to understand what is going on. This is why we have all the hate in this world because we don’t take the time to listen to see what is around us and we live in total hatred of one another. We don’t care who we hurt or kill inside. The thing is to take the time to see who you really are and understand where people come from in life. Know how to seek the truth for your self . For my belief I believe understand all things don’t judge see who they really are that my belief.