Travis - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

Life isn’t fair. It’s plain and simple; life is not fair and never will be for any one person. Everyone has to struggle through something every day of their lives. Every different type of person goes through different types of struggles. They’re either not good enough or are trying to break a bad habit or maybe someone just won’t leave them alone. Either way, we all have our problems.

Take me, for instance, I don’t consider myself too bad of a person. I really just don’t like Mexicans. I face problems everyday. The biggest problem which I am facing as we speak is something that I am uncomfortable to discuss among just anyone. But I have faced many other problems and struggles throughout my life. One big and ongoing problem is with baseball. As most of you know, I love the game of baseball and have played since I was four years old. Baseball teams in today’s society are based on politics and last names. And for me, I have never had the right last name. I have always been told that I wasn’t good enough and would never amount to anything. What did I do to deserve being told that I wasn’t good enough or that I didn’t have the right last name?

My friends and fellow students face problems every day too. We have to come to this horrid place most will call a school. Monday, the 10th of December was a perfect example. I had to put my truck in four wheel drive just to get out of my driveway. When I arrived at school, every single person was complaining and griping that we shouldn’t be here and that they all just want to go home. And I have to say that I agreed with each and every one of them 100%. Last year, we had a similar occurrence. The administrators called off school because it was raining and there was the threat of an ice storm. Well this Monday is exactly the same as the “rain day” we had last year. Most other schools in the area have called off school for the day. Central however is one of the unfortunate schools that never seem to get a break. And once again, here we are. While our vehicles are freezing in the parking lot and the trees are getting a nice glazed coat of ice, we sit here wondering whether or not we will make it home after school. I believe this is a perfect example of life not being fair.