Live Life Without Regrets

Cassandra - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I think that one should live your life and never regret anything that you do. I should not have to worry about a decision that I make and feel badly for that decision later on in life. If I make a decision that I feel is good then I should not have too doubt myself about that decision, but if that decision is going to change the way someone else would doubt my decisions then they should try to live their lives without regrets to. Many people worry about things that they have done and they may regret worrying themselves about it later in their lives. If I were to not live my life to the fullest by sitting around and worrying about decisions that I have made, that would be wasting part of my life worrying about things that I should not have to.

I think that all people should live their lives with out any regrets, because it makes things less stressful. It makes things less stressful, because they do not have to be sitting at work or school worrying about something that they have said or done throughout the day or during that week. When people are at work or school and sit there and worry about anything that they have said or done it takes their mind off of the things that they should be doing. If people were stress free and less tense their lives would be better.

If someone were to end up stressing about any regrets or doubts that they have made then their life would not be what they would have wanted it to be. If someone wanted to go to college when they first started high school then when they graduated high school they did not have good enough grades to go to college, it would be a regret that they made, because they did not try their hardest through out high school. That is a big regret that most people make in their life.