This I Believe

Brandon - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe, that there is no greater disappointment than not trying. Though it may be disappointing when one fails, there is no comparison to the level of disappointment one experiences when failure is the outcome of the lack of effort given. One should not let the fear of failing keep them from continuing to display and promote tremendous amounts of effort and will. Eventually, one will reach the inspired goal, and though there may not be trophies, medals, or even a crowd to cheer ones drive, self-esteem and improvement in one’s self is more important than any graspable treasure.

I have been in a band for almost two years. I feel that because of our genre of music, it is harder for us to exceed the shadow of mainstream music. We have over 250 concerts in seven different states, over half of them I was sick, sat in a recording studio for most of my entire summer, and talked to over 75 people after each concert, and yet to most it appears that we have in return received nothing. However, I feel my medal has already been rewarded. I have met kids whose minds have been changed by our music, which means a lot to me. I have also rid myself of shyness by approaching the stage at each show with extreme confidence and faith in what my friends and I were doing. It has been a dream come true as well as a seal between friends that will never be broken.

As time progresses, I feel even stronger that not trying is selling yourself extremely short. As we grow old and gain more knowledge, we must learn to cope with the dreams and beliefs of others, such as this one. A family, job, or even a child may or already has changed a life. However, without effort the family, the job, or the child may suffer from regret or a lack of effort, which then becomes an empty shell, or a regretful life that may appear not worth the time or effort. Not trying may result in a poor displeasing life, or one may find luck and live life like many dream. Though effort and will may not always result in wealthiest life, but it will leave you with the satisfaction that everything you have was earned, and not given. Someone who experiences this may have a greater outlook on life as well as a grand satisfaction. Thus, I believe that effort is the key to success, happiness, and the overall pursuit of bettering myself.