This I Believe

Jamecia - St.louis, Missouri
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Many people think that if they had money, they would be happy. I believe money cannot by happiness. We are supposed to be the rich American society, however, according to Dr. David Myers who wrote the novel Does Economic Growth Improve Human Morale, “Never has a culture experienced such physical comfort combined w/such psychological misery. Never have we felt so free, or had our prisons overstuffed. Never have we been so sophisticated about pleasure or so likely to suffer broken relationship”. The real things that bring happiness in life are free.

I’ve always heard people say if they won the lottery they’ll be happier. Greg Berns with Emory University researchers found, “there’s substantial evidence that people who win the lottery are not happier a year after they win the lottery. It’s also understandable clear from the psychological literature that some people get a great deal of satisfaction out of work they do. The Researchers said the study has a broader real –world implication. When my uncle died my family started tear apart. Everyone were disappointed and tried to start problems with his wife and her family. When his wife found out he was dead she wanted to keep everything to herself but when it came down to the funeral no one wanted nothing to do with it. At the time I thought life was nothing without my uncle so people stared to offer to take me out to eat, shopping, movies, and bowling. But I realized that if I did do all those things it still wont bring my uncle back in the world. So it really is true money can’t buy happiness because still to this day I’m still stressed out and missing him.

Some people have all the money in the world but there not feeling any better than anybody else in the world no matter who or what it is. Like Britney Spears she has a lot of money but she sounds like she’s never happy because they took her children from her. Michael Vick has a lot of money also but he has to spend 23 months in jail because of dog fighting.