This I Believe

angie - creve coeur
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Angie Pavlova

December 11, 2007

Mrs. Silvagnoli

5th block

This I believe

I believe that good things happen to good people because kind people are the ones who go through the most in life and in the end are rewarded for their good deeds.

When I was 12 years old I was in the 7th grade. The girl I sat next to in homeroom had 7 other siblings. Kelly and I became pretty good friends so I chose to invite her to my 13th birthday party. A week later Kelly told me that she couldn’t attend because she and her family are going through some financial issues and she doesn’t have any money to get me a gift. I could tell that she felt really bad about the entire thing, so I told her it was fine and that I could care less about the gift as long she came to my party. After that she and I didn’t really talk much for the rest of the year. Everyone could tell that she didn’t have a lot of money because she never had lunch money, and all the clothes she had were too big for a lot of the time, probably because they were hand-me-downs from an older sibling. Even though people would make fun of her, she always was nice and happy about everything. She didn’t let the immature people from middle school get to her. A few months later I moved out of the school district and I didn’t hear much about her. Until one day a friend called me to talk “Angie do you remember that girl Kelly from the 7th grade?!?” she asked “Uhh, yeah I think I remember her, why what’s going on?” I said back. “ Well she doesn’t go to our school anymore because it turned out that her mom got a really good job and now she lives in California and she has a lot of money and she’s really happy now.” I was so happy because I knew that she was a good person and that one day something good like that would end up happening to her.

Another thing that makes me believe that good things happen to good people is in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissor Hands. Edward was made fun of and was excluded from his community. In the end, after going through all of those hard times he ended up finding true love because he was a good person and good things happen to good people.

The other reason for why I think that is because last summer I was in the airport. I was in line when the person behind me asked if he could get ahead of me because his flight was about to leave and he didn’t want to be late. So my mom and I let him ahead of us and when we got on our plane something got messed up with the seating and we both got to sit in first class.

Good things happening to people in a way it’s also an act of karma, so if you act nice and kind to something or someone you will be returned the favor and get something nice in return for your actions. When your kind to someone you will eventually get rewarded back for it.