I believe in the power of perseverance

Jacob - Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe in the power of perseverance. The hospital scenes from movies always seemed like a faraway fantasy world. Then suddenly one day that far off fantasy became a reality. The hero of my life, the man who was invincible suddenly became not so invincible. In the 5th grade my father was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. Although Thyroid cancer is not the most fatal cancer, it can still be very dangerous and in the case of my father it had progressed quickly. Following the first surgery I remember standing beside his bed staring at this man I did not recognize. The maze of tubes running out of his body made him unrecognizable, and not to mention the huge wound on his neck. This surgery was only the first of two. The cancer had returned and a second surgery was inevitable. Almost exactly one year later my father had his second surgery to remove more cancer. Body scans following the surgery revealed that the cancer had come back. When would this nightmare ever end? It seemed like the hospital visits became more and more regular. A third surgery was thought about but the doctors decided to continue the radiation. After about two years of radiation treatments it all came to an end. December 11, 2004 my father had is regular body scan, although this time the screen showed no cancer. The fight was finally over.

As I reflect over this experience I realize what a great example of perseverance my father was. Not once during his battle with cancer did he ever give up or quit trying. His spirits were always high and he never let the cancer get the best of him emotionally. I have used his example for my own life and the struggles I have gone through. On several occasions I remember being in the midst of a tough soccer game and I would look on the sidelines and see him cheering for me. He was always there encouraging me never to give up because through these trials we build character. My father’s story continues to be a testimony that helps pushes me through tough situations. I believe in the power of perseverance.