This I Believe

Amelia - Wilmington, Massachusetts
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Growing up, I always went to my family for help. They were always there for me whenever I needed help, a shoulder to cry on, or just a smile. They are my support system, and I do not know how I could live without them. My family is extremely close, compared to most families. Everyone knows everything about everyone, we have families dinners, and both my parents are still together, which in about half the households across the United States, is not the case. I believe that being close with your family is one of the most important things a person can have throughout your life.

My dad grew up in a family in that had nine kids. Over the years, his family has grown more and more apart. He only stays in touch with about two of them now, and he only sees these siblings about once a year around the holiday season. My dad talks to his mom once a week, but barely ever sees her since she lives far away, and his dad died when he was about my age. He had three step father-figures growing up who were cruel to him because he was not theirs. My dad had it extremely hard growing up, and he did not want his family ending up like his, distant and broken.

When I was younger, all my siblings and I got along well, and we still do. I have three siblings: one older sister and two younger brothers. Their names are Cameron, Sean and Avery. Cameron is my older sister, whom I look up to for advice and guidance; she always seems to have the answer for everything, even my math homework. Sean is the oldest of my two younger brothers, and probably one of the most musically talented people I have ever met. He knows just how to make me smile. My youngest brother, Avery, whom we make fun of for being my mom’s favorite, is the funniest person I have ever crossed paths with. He could have you rolling on the floor with laughter in seconds. My siblings and I fight half the time, but somehow the argument over a shirt or the television always seems to result in an outburst of laughter, making us a little closer as the years go by. Though our ages are somewhat spread apart, to us, age is just a number. The personalities my siblings and I have clash, but that doesn’t seem to make our relationship with each other any weaker. We each have our differences, but we share a bond that cannot be broken.

Most kids my age “hate” their parents, or don’t get along with them, but for me, it’s the total opposite. My parents and I are very close, and I can tell them almost anything. They’re always there for me. Whether if it is to pick me up from a friend’s house at two in the morning or to drive me to my hockey practices at four thirty in the morning, I can always depend on my parents to be there. My dad acts like he is less than half his age, and can always make me laugh. My mom is a little more serious than my dad, but is always there if I need to talk to anyone or if I need a shoulder to cry on. I don’t know what I would do without both of my parents in my life. Each balances the other out, showing me the best of both worlds.

Everything that I have gone through with my family has made me stronger, and has showed me how to be a better person. I believe that having a close relationship with my family is one of the most important things any can have on their lives.