This I Believe

Tyler - Auburn, Washington
Entered on December 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

“Work first, play later,” something my parents taught me from the day I could walk. I am amazed, how so many people don’t follow this simple principle. Most kids don’t learn a good work ethic from their parents and society is becoming lazier as a result. What I believe in is a hard work ethic, even if what you are doing is difficult. Sure giving up is easy, like putting a mouthwatering cake in front of a fat person on a diet; chances are the cake will be gone soon.

Working hard always pays off positively. A few years ago, I decided to take the guitar class being offered in my school. It was awkward at first; holding something foreign in my hands and placing fingers over rough strings. Then it got interesting. Over the next three years, I continued with the guitar, picked up a bass guitar for the school’s vocal jazz choir, and started playing the drums just for fun. My life was opening up right before my eyes. Each year during school, the instrument I had to play was my least favorite at the time. Learning songs was hard for me. I was not completely able to read music and all I wanted to do was “jam out.”

Well, each year in my vocal jazz class we traveled somewhere to perform in our largest concert of the year. During this time, everyone really had to learn the songs, or we were all screwed. Each person actually worked hard during each class and worked on it at home to get the songs down. Before the competition, everyone was on edge about how well we would perform. After the competition we received our adjudication scores and felt like we accomplished something throughout the year. We received good comments and scores because we worked first and played later.

If everyone decided to get the job done first and do the jobs correct the first time, people would accomplish more. Our society would improve, because the individual person would have a better work ethic. I believe if people are not as lazy, they might exercise more, or at least exercise their minds. This great nation has its problems, many of which could be resolved from a better work ethic on an individual basis.