This I Believe

Vickey - worland, Wyoming
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I Believe

I Believe that God is Creator and Maintainer of all things from the biggest, you know like universes, black holes, quasars, and that strange dark matter, all the way down to the smallest in the sub-atomic world of quantum mechanics, you know like protons, electrons, neutrons, even quarks!

I believe this same God has orchestrated so many extraordinary events in my life that they have become quite ordinary. Listen now as I share my soul: I believe that on a cold November night in Wyoming He heard the cry of a small feral kitten and brought into play the circumstances to save it. I Believe as I pulled my hay cart into the field to feed my horses on that cold dark winter night He was there. I believe He timed it so I would be in that place, at that time. I believe He encouraged me as I followed the sound of that desperate “meow” through a kosher weed packed field only to realize this task could not be successful without light! I believe it was He who reminded me that somewhere in my car many years ago I had a flashlight. Well anyone with a ranch vehicle will testify that only with Divine intervention can one find something that you haven’t seen or used for years! I believe he did indeed help me find it, but after many long Wyoming winters surely the batteries were dead. Well I believe the same God that spoke light into being with three words caused that old flashlight to burn brightly that night! I believe He helped me find that kitten huddled down in the middle of a thick patch of weeds. I believe He held that feral kitten in place so that my human hand could reach out and pick it up and tuck it down in my coveralls. I believe He kept it calm while I finished my chores. And I believe He laughed when I turned it loose in my bathroom and I realized just how wild it was as I watched it literally climb my walls!

I believe He sustained the life of a small premature foal, born on a cold winter night to a mare I rescued that was starving to death. Born premature, malnourished, with a severe clef pallet and pneumonia, that homely little foal not only survived but flourished! We named him Promise! And I believe four years later when I took Promise to the vet to be cut the Creator sustained him again. I believe it was He who put an itch in the mind of the vet as he started to leave on a country call to go back and check Promise; he found him standing in his own bowels covered in sheep poop! I believe the Creator smiled when the vet told us the ominous news that the only horse he had ever heard of surviving through such an ordeal was one that had dropped his bowels on a sterile operating floor, for Promise woke up hungry and never even cracked a fever!

Well truly I could go on and on. For my life of Belief has been filled with the extraordinary, I live in the constant wake of His passing by. A world filled with wonder where the impossible is the most likely outcome.

Many may be asking, “What about real miracles”, you know like the parting of the Red Sea! Oh believe me when I say those too have graced my life so amazingly often. But it is His intervention in the small things that amazes me the most. I serve Him because of His Majesty and Power. But it is because He hears the cry of a feral kitten, and the wheezing of a sickly foal that reaches into my very being and touches me in an ineffable way. For He who is Perfect desires the companionship of that which is imperfect, He who is Most Beautiful desires the companionship of that which is ugly, He who is All Powerful desires the companionship of that which is weak, He who is Eternal desires the companionship of that which is so ephemeral. What many term unwanted, unnecessary, even a nuisance He declares with His Divine intervention to be of Great Worth! It is because of this revelation of His True Character that endears me to Him the most. I serve Him because of His Power and Majesty but I love Him because of His Compassion.

Now I realize many may “not” believe the Creator would bother Himself with some silly animal. Many of these panjandrums even say they serve this same All Mighty Creator. But to those I am also grateful for they have given me the “title” of my musings. For: “I Believe that which most do not!”