This I Believe

Logan - Fairbanks, Alaska
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

This I Believe

I believe that without sports, my life is worthless. I live my life to play sports. I have always been active, whether it was biking, swimming, football, baseball, hockey, skiing, or running. I always have a blast doing whatever I love in that instance. Activity is the glue that holds my life together.

Biking, football, and swimming were like Everlasting Gobstoppers, I thought I’d have them forever, but eventually they ran out. I quit these sports because I wasn’t having as much fun and there were new things to try.

Running is new to me, but I think I will stick with it because it gets me in great shape and the people are awesome. I don’t think there is a nicer group of people than runners. Whether they’re cheering me up on the way home from a bad race, or everybody lining up for the whoosh tunnel, which makes me feel like a butterfly, floating through the tunnel.

I have enjoyed skiing and hockey for numerous years. I have put both of them on hold at one time or another to try new things.

Baseball is my favorite sport; it is the paddle that rows my boat. I have stayed with it since I started, and I don’t intend to take any breaks. The most appealing thing about baseball is that it is just as much a mental game as physical. I am not as great of an athlete as I would like to be, but because baseball is such a mental sport I still made a competitive travel team. My coach said that the only reason I made the team was because mentally, I was tough as nails. I pursue baseball because brain and effort can make up for lack of athleticism.

Sports are my bread and butter because they give me a sense of purpose, especially in team sports. Every person on the team contributes; nobody is unused. Sports also give me a strong sense of accomplishment. I know that I have helped my team win by giving a hundred percent a hundred percent of the time.