The Heart of a Servant

Leigh - Fort Worth, Texas
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

What has shaped my purpose of being on this earth? Through out my life, I have strived to make a difference on this earth. I want to find the best products for health, the best gadget for assisting with our daily chores, the best environmental mechanism to put back in the earth, the best fuel efficient cars, the best medicine, cooking utensils to preserve natural agents in our foods, and so on. Regardless of race or gender, I allow my self to partake in activities that help others. I believe that I was created with a sensor that stimulates the motivation to serve. The rush of power awakens my mind and soul to move toward the area of choice and it allow me to become the best servant I can be at that moment.

Every morning I wake up, I wonder if I will engage in a servant’s role today, or will I be served. One thing you have to keep in mind about serving is, never expect anything in return. The day starts with a smile at any and everyone, moving into cheerful good mornings that brighten up faces of deep thought or despair. I move into the everyday serving role of mothering, counseling, advising, and planning all which conditions me to become a more effective servant.

I live for affirmation of my accomplishments and I long to be perfect; without the pat on the back or the voices of exaltation, I feel that my services were not effective. I have not invented gadgets, medicines, cooking utensils, prosthetics, energy efficient lights, roofs, or windows, but what I have experienced is inspiring another human being to continue to live another day. I believe that serving from the heart and allowing society to receive the deepest part of me, my soul and spirit is what makes me who I am today. How dare I think so little of my self when I have given an abundance of smiles, gracious hello’s, energetic reactions, compliments of encouragement, words of wisdom, strong handshakes, and unconditional love.

I have given myself over to every person that comes in contact with me and I did not realize the impact that it has on society, and for me, that is the ultimate servant, giving your all. This I believe!