This I Believe

Ty - Knoxville
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that its ok to be a geek. Sure we get harped on for being lame

and pointless,but everyone has a hobby,and mine just happen to be

considered geeky. Computers,videogames,anime,especially anime

it seems in this country, and Sci Fi. Mainly Doctor Who in sci fi,but

the Doctor has a long history dating back to the 60’s. Im proud to say

that I know all of it,even if some people give me the “wow that guy has

no life” look. I dont mind,because I love what I do. And I may not have a life.

I dont get paid to be a geek,though that would be the best job in the

world, I indulge in geekdom because I like it. To the average

person,the word dalek means nothing except maybe jibberish. To

me it means the conquerors of the Time Lords and the most feared

race in all the galaxy.feel free to laugh. Its in large part thanks to my friend Paul that

Im a geek these days. I would never have seen Doctor Who,or any

of most anime from Japan if it hadnt been for him. I didnt know about

downloads in highschool,but now every Wedsnday,Thursday,and

Friday,Im watching anime straight from Japan subtitled by fans for

fans. When I here people talk about Bleach,Samurai Champloo,

and Beck,I laugh a little inside because I think “what if they had

seen the original uncut episodes from Japan? Theyd probably

enjoy the show a whole lot more.” Yes,Ive been a member of

forums,and still am. We talk about whats going on in Heroes,

whats going on in the animes we’re watching,Doctor who, video

games,and new tech products. Where as the average person would

look at these things and think “yeah thats pointless” we see it as

engaging and worthwhile. Why care about how Optimus Prime looked

in the live action movie? Because all of us remember him as this kick

ass semi truck rolling over decepticons and then transforming into the

hero of the universe. Sure there have been other heroes,but Optimus

Prime is the number one hero. Though hes best kept in memory in his

1980’s status,later incarnations have been horrible and an insult to the

greatness that is Optimus. Im not a geek in the traditional dungeons

and dragons sense,though I did play when I was younger,but rather

and all around jack of all trades geek. Im not a master geek,and Im

kinda glad Im not. If I was,I dont think I would ever leave my house.

I just dont have it in me to play world of warcraft,at least not anymore.

The Jocks may get all the credit,but without geeks,they wouldnt have

fifty inch plasma tv’s or the internet. Embrace us,for we make life

bearable behind the shadows.