This I Believe

Dayan - San Diego, California
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: forgiveness

Take a Second Chance on Me

When I was six years old I nearly accidentally killed myself while

playing with electricity. If it weren’t for my sister, laying on the

sofa reading a “Pequeña Lulita” comic book a few feet from me, pulling

me away from the death grip the 230 volts of electricity I would have

certainly died that day. That day I was given a second change on life

by sister Joyce.

I believe in giving second changes to people and ideas. Everyone needs

at least one change to learn from, what ever it’s their doing.

The best ideas we have today are old ideas seen in a new light. It’s not until I have tried a solution to a problem for the second time that I realize the full potential of a solution, for instance I have been given projects where I needed to implement a parser; which is used to separate parts of an input, in two computer programs, the my first attempt at the solution only worked for five byte inputs. The second problem stated that I needed to process and unspecified number of inputs. I realize all I needed was to execute my first processes until there is no more input to process. Therefore by giving my first idea a second change I was able to expand and improve on my original idea.

Relationships take time to grow and become strong. If at the first time of a problem you break off a relationship soon you’ll be alone. My boss Vito once gave me advice to break off my relationship with a good friend of mine, he said that at the first time of a problem I should just forget the other person and move on, but experience has trained me to welcome difficult relationships because having close friends in your life is important.

So what I’m trying to say is that without giving people second changes there’s no way that any one can gain experience and have a change at improving there life.