This I Believe

Sasha - pembroke pines, Florida
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, question

The main principle which guides me in life is that life has no meaning because everything is just a figment of our imaginations and meaning is just attached for sentimental value. Love was concocted for physical pleasure; hate is just a reaction to mental pain. Religion tries to put a story on the unknown and science just explains the environment. Each can give an explanation to a certain extent because that’s all we know. Using God is another way to evade answering a question because we have no answer. Why bother asking any questions at all if we have no real answers? I believe that everything in life is done to distract us from our final fate, death. Nothing can prevent, describe, interpret, avoid, or even understand the purpose of death. I believe all we can know is that we die and we must preoccupy our time until then. Maybe after death we can understand but until then the world is just a waiting room.

As a child, I always asked what the point of going to school was if we were going to die in the end. No one ever had an answer, even into high school, and I’ve been ridiculed and labeled a pessimist ever since. I have learned to accept being seen as a pessimist but see myself as a realist with a darker view on the world. Although, many choose to see through the optimist’s eyes no one can truly have the optimist’s view because no one can find the purpose of life. We only know what it can be used for, how it starts and develops, and what can go wrong while we are alive. I have found no meaning in life because all possessions can hold value but can lose value. I believe we are all given a life to either create our own temporary meaning or accept our fate and be indifferent to our surroundings. I have chosen to be indifferent and if I am seen as a pessimist so be it.