Show Respect

Christopher - Lenoir City, Tennessee
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

If there is one philosophy in life I go by, it is to always respect the people who handle your food.

Respecting those who handle your food is a serious and important philosophy that everyone should follow. The fact of the matter is that you never see what goes on behind the closed doors to the restaurant’s kitchen after your food is ordered. Showing any disrespect to these workers could lead to many unpleasant surprises in your food. I personally have worked at a restaurant, and I have seen many servers “tamper” with their customers’ food after being disrespected and harshly treated by them. My philosophy is to treat someone as you would want to be treated and everything will taste fine and be disease free.

Showing respect to the server also displays empathy. Serving is not necessarily the best or most glamorous job, but everyone has had a job like that in their time. We all need money, and servers work very hard for it. I would hate for someone to come to my job and raise hell for some small, worthless reason. In the life of the restaurant, sometimes you are the filet mignon and other times you are the rump roast, but in the end it all goes down the same.

Being respectful to those who handle your food is simply being nice to the people who work extremely hard to try and please you, and do so for generally small wages. There are many huge companies on Wall Street that fold financially; when this happens all the little guys get stomped on and lose out, while the big guns are rolling in the money. When you put things into perspective, the hard working, blue collar workers are those that deserve the true respect.

In conclusion, if you haven’t picked up what I’m saying, respect the people who handle food, for your sake and theirs. I do this every time I eat out.