This I Believe

Kristin - Lenoir City, Tennessee
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Something I have always believed in is self-expression. Everyone has his or her own way of showing feelings. Many people use words as tools of self-expression , but I am one of those people who can never seem to say the right thing at the right moment. At certain times, I may crack jokes at inappropriate times, while at others I may suffer a total loss of words. So I went on a search for the right way to express myself.

One of the first things I tried was expressing myself through music. Many of my friends played in different bands, so I thought I would spend a few rehearsals with them. First, I tried to sing only to discover that I was tone deaf. Next, I tried to write a few songs, but once more I found myself at a loss of words. The last thing I tried was to play an instrument. I found music very hard to read and even more frustrating to play. So I moved on to another form of self expression.

The second way I tried to express myself was through art. In the middle of walks through the park I would sketch in a note book. The squiggles on the note book paper never looked like the object in nature. Maybe painting abstractly was what I needed to do. However, once I stepped back from the canvas and wiped the paint from my face all I could see were clashing colors. I could never see any feeling behind the painting. So I continued looking for way to express myself.

The final place I looked was behind the lens of a camera. A few rolls of film later I found that I was able to capture not only pictures but emotion in my photographs. This is what I had been trying to do the whole time I was searching. At last, I found a way to say things without speaking and a way to show how I feel without stumbling over words and constantly needing to correct myself. I finally found it–my way of self expression.