This I Believe

Andrew - Southampton, New Jersey
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that tradition during the holidays is what brings families together. Waking up early on Christmas morning and going downstairs to see a beautiful Christmas tree with a fire burning away in the fireplace and my dad holding the camera to capture his kids’ reactions to what they see. I believe that memories are made in small moments that make you remember life, like sitting around a table with your family eating warm cinnamon buns and sticky monkey bread at the “intermission” of opening presents on Christmas morning. Christmas is when you should make sure that those who you love know about it. I believe that Christmas is time for family and a time for memories of moments that you do not want to forget. Once you know the real reason for the season you find more pleasure in giving rather than getting. Christmas is the time that brings family together. Without a doubt sitting down by a warm fire and having hot chocolate on a cold winter night is the best party. Having snowball fights and building snow forts is not just for kids. You are never too old to go out and make some new memories on a beautiful sheet of snow. I believe that the smell of egg nog and the taste of candy cane are seasonal. These are the memories that make me love Christmas time.

My family has tradition for all holidays big and small. One example of this is how on Memorial Day we go to the parade that is in my grandparents’ town and sit in the same spot year after year. We watch the parade go by and I love seeing my grandma get so excited to teach her younger grandchildren about all the old trucks and different marching bands that go by. Similarly, on the 4th of July we always sit on the curb and watch the fireworks from the neighboring town from over the tree line. All the beautiful colors that are illuminated in the sky, it is a most amazing sight as the sparks slowing fall back towards the ground. We have traditions for every part of the year. At Halloween we always have to get pumpkins and cut into them. When I was younger I would put my hand into the gooey inside and pulled out all of the slippery seeds I can remember thinking that this was way cooler than any toy that I knew of.

These are the times that I will remember for years to come. Even now I remember these times of tradition and remember how much I love my family and how much they care for me. No matter where I am or when it is I will never forget that love for family surpasses everything.